Hey guys!

How are ya?!

Now, y’all know how much I love my essential oils and, believe it or not, I’ve been diffusing instead of burning candles this fall. I know, I never thought I’d see the day where I didn’t buy out Bath & Body Works either! But, diffusing essential oils, rather than burning candles, is a better option for so many reasons.

So, for Blogtober Day 4, I’m gonna share my top 4 favorite diffuser blends for the fall season that keep my house smelling cozy and festive!

Now, I found these blends on Pinterest and believe me, there are tons of options out there! So, if you wanna see more of my favorites then you can follow me here, and check out my board labeled “Essential Oils”!





5 Drops of Orange

4 Drops of Thieves

1 Drop of Ginger









4 Drops of Orange


2 Drops of Nutmeg


1 Drop of Cinnamon Bark

1 Drop of Clove









4 Drops of Orange

3 Drops of Ginger

3 Drops of Cinnamon Bark










2 Drops of Clove

2 Drops of Cinnamon Bark

2 Drops of Ginger







Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever diffused these blends! Which one is, or sounds like it would be, your favorite? Mine is for sure the Apple Pie blend! 🙂

See ya soon!



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