I’m never satisfied.

Hey guys.

I think we’ve all been in a situation where we feel dull. I guess that is the word for it.

I feel like I’ve been going through the motions and not really enjoying life. I’m not really living. Just watching myself get through another day. And I’m really not feelin’ it.

Typically, I end up in these moods during the winter. The cold and dark days are so not my friends. But, its been nice and warm out lately, I’ve been busy with work and school, and somehow I’ve still ended up here.

Someone, who knows me well actually, told me once that I’m just the type of person who gets bored easily. That I’m always looking for something better. I’m never satisfied.

But y’all, why is that a bad thing?

Either way, here I am. Waiting for life’s next adventure when I should be looking for it.

Lets see if I take this long weekend to get it together, y’all.

See ya!



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