Life Update 8/28/17

Hey Y’all! Happy Monday!

It’s been too long. I feel like I blinked and summer was gone. Now here I am, starting my second week of my senior year of college. Let me just say, I’m already exhausted. But, I know that 17 credit hours over the next two semesters are going to be worth it.

I sincerely hope so anyway.

In the next two weeks, I’ll be finishing up my last few work days at my summer job and I am so going to miss it. I’ve met some pretty cool people and I genuinely loved working there, but I am going to appreciate having those hours back for studying and getting my **** together. Ha! Cause y’all, I’ve been slacking. But I’m working on it.

Since I’ve been MIA on my blog recently, I’ve been trying to decide what direction I want to take my website in. Of course, I love doing beauty reviews (and reading them), but I want to incorporate more casual, everyday, lifestyle updates.

Maybe like college stuff, essential oil posts, recipes I’ve been loving, or just something really good (or bad) that happened that day.

I don’t have a plan, so I’m literally just gonna go with it. Which, honestly, isn’t something I do very often.

I just want to keep my blog genuine. Because that’s the blogs that I love reading. And I’ve got a feeling y’all do too.

So, here’s to a new semester and a fresh mindset to get Fall off to a great start!

See ya! 🙂



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