Beach Ready Nails

Hey Y’all! Happy 4th!

On Saturday, I’ll be making my way to the beach. So, of course, I had to prep my nails for the occasion.

I’m not talented enough to do my toes, so I visited my favorite salon for this cute starfish nail art. I just love it!


For my nails, I used two of my favorite OPI polishes. I call this combo mermaid nails because they have a green and silver shine in the light.

“Significant Other Color” looks great on its own. I usually apply two coats for full coverage. But this time, I applied “I Manicure for Beads” first and used then used this as a topcoat. I think they’re a great combo. Pictures just don’t do it justice.

I totally recommend picking up these colors next time you’re in the market for some nail polish!

***I know my mani and pedi don’t match. I change my nails often so they never do! Ha! 


Hope Y’all enjoy the Holiday! I know I will!

See ya soon! πŸ™‚


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