June Ulta Haul

Hey y'all! I couldn't stay away a minute longer! Well, I had a 20% off so maybe that contributed to my habit! Ha! But, I picked up a few products that I was out of and tried a new brand! So, I wanted to share with you fine people. I've never tried anything from Soap … Continue reading June Ulta Haul


Farmer’s Market Finds

Today, Jim and I went to the farmer's market in town for the first time. I was so excited because I heard they had fresh picked sunflowers and boy are they beautiful. Also, found this beautiful necklace made by the local business called Mountain Mama Finery. Made with real dried flowers! Made a beautiful piece … Continue reading Farmer’s Market Finds

Kokie Nail Polish

Hey y'all!  Hope your weekend was awesome! Monday is the start of a new week and I'm starting it out with a new to me brand.  Last time I was in WalMart, I noticed they added some new cosmetic brands and Kokie caught my eye. I believe I've heard YouTuber Kathleen Lights mention them? Or … Continue reading Kokie Nail Polish


  Hey Y'all! Something we're all guilty of is checking our cell phones a little too much. For most of us, me included, it has become a habit to scroll mindlessly through FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter. But, I've decided to try to break that habit with the help of these 3 simple alternatives to picking … Continue reading 3 WAYS TO AVOID YOUR CELL PHONE