Lush Hits and Misses

Unfortunately, the closest Lush storefront to me is 4 hours away. So, when I visit, I stock up on my favs and usually something new to try.

Today, I’m gonna share with ya’ll some of my favorite and some of my not so favorite products from my last purchase.


Repeat purchase! For sure, one of my fav products, ever! It smells great and keeps my lips soft and smooth! ($10.95)





Although this mask does an awesome job at conditioning my hair, I’m just not the biggest fan of the scent. So, for that reason I probably won’t be adding this to my basket again. However, if you like the smell of avocado and bananas, you’ll enjoy this hair mask! ($21.95)





Whoosh is the first product I ever tried from Lush and I LOVE IT! It smells amazing, doesn’t leave my skin sticky, and it’s my favorite color! Lol And admit it, the name is fun to say! For sure, would repurchase.  ($12.95)



Like I said, I love Lush’s shower jellies, but I just love the smell of Whoosh more. My hubby, however, is a bigger fan of this scent. So, if you’re more of a citrus person, go for this one! The formula is just as great as Whoosh just more lemon-y scented. Lol A repurchase for him, but not for me. ($11.95)06332





I also picked up a Massage Bar in Each Peach( And Two’s A Pair), but I have’t used it enough to decide if I’m loving it or not. Let me know in the comments if ya’ll would like a review! 02163

Of course, these are just my opinions. Everyone is a fan of different products and things work differently for different people. But, hopefully someone will find this helpful!

Let me know what your favorite products from Lush are and what I should pick up on my next trip! Always looking to try something new!

See ya soon!




**Images (aside from featured image) are from Lush website.


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