Review: Philosophy Pure Grace Summer Surf

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

I’d bet you’re just as excited as I am for the weekend!

With finals next week, I decided to finally treat myself to Philosophy’s newest perfume. Now, I love the brand all around (especially their skincare), but their perfumes are some of my favorites as well.

In my Philosophy collection I have: Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, Pure Grace Summer, and now Pure Grace Summer Surf! I absolutely adore Pure Grace Summer, but it was limited edition(whyyyyyy?!). So, when I saw the release of Summer Surf (also limited edition-Grrrr), I was so excited! Let me just say, I don’t love Summer Surf quite as much as Summer, but its still one of the top 3 favorites in my entire collection.

Pure Grace Summer Surf is actually a perfect name for this scent. It reminds me so much of the beach. The sand, salt, ocean, sunscreen, tanning lotion and everything in between. It’s the perfect everyday, light summer scent.

The online description reads,

  • “Pure Grace Summer Surf Eau de Toilette is a limited-edition fragrance inspired by the spirit of a beautiful summer day. It’s a warm breeze on your face, a whisper in your ear, as it beckons you toward the sunshine. Soak in its carefree warmth, as each ray of sunlight makes you feel pure, whole and new again. This is freedom. This is grace. Because when your heart is filled with grace, every day feels like summer.”

***Bonus! Ulta is giving away a free tote with any $40 fragrance purchase until the 15th. Which, I must say, is also really cute! (I scored a periwinkle blue color!)

So, if you’re in the market for a new summer scent, I highly suggest this gem while you can get your hands on it! It would make an awesome gift for Mother’s Day or just for treating yourself! You can check it out here on the Ulta website!

See ya soon!


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